The Foundation's goal is to help bring thin-sheet encapsulation technology, the Islet Sheet, to people with type 1 as quickly as possible.

“None of the existing type 1 charities allocate their funding in a manner that maximizes their chances for developing a cure by a certain date.”

So says the Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance (JDCA), formed to be “the voice of the donor for a cure.” But Hanuman Medical Foundation does. Find out why you should join us.

About Hanuman Medical Foundation

Hanuman Medical Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, was founded to support innovative research that will lead as quickly as possible to a cure for type 1 diabetes—or to some form of therapy that allows people with the disease to live a healthy life free of dependence on external insulin.

The current focus of our funding is the Islet Sheet Project, a major collaborative effort by a team of leading diabetes researchers and medical inventors.

We support the Islet Sheet Project because the path they are on is so clearly promising. And because the scientists and entrepreneurs behind it share our philosophy about what matters in the quest to help people with type 1.

What matters is not:

  • How much funding can be assembled for a research project.
  • How many papers can be published about the research, or presented at symposia.
  • How many major organizations can be recruited to support a project, or how much press it attracts.
  • How desirable the research goal sounds—for instance, creating an unlimited supply of new beta cells to make insulin, or “turning off” the immune reaction that kills beta cells. Many projects receive substantial funding for highly exploratory work that would take many decades to help people, if it ever does.

What matters is getting to a therapy that can vastly improve life for the largest number of people in the least amount of time.

Such a  “working cure” would maintain safe blood sugar levels while freeing people from the burdens of injected insulin, frequent daily monitoring, and dietary calculations. It would not require major surgery or regular use of toxic immune-suppression drugs.

The Islet Sheet Project builds on a proven therapy: islet transplantation. But it takes a giant step forward by addressing the problems of immune suppression and gradual loss of the islets, and their effectiveness in producing insulin. Its thin-sheet encapsulation technology is poised for testing in large animals, and soon thereafter in clinical trials. Its proponents are committed to this path, and to traveling it unswervingly—with no detours.

Having closely surveyed the landscape of type 1 research, HMF fully supports the Project’s assertion that this technology is the best chance for a “working cure” by the year 2020.

While we currently limit our funding support to this project, we’re also interested related lines of research—such as producing islets from stem cells or genetically engineered beta cells. As the foundation grows, our support may extend to such research.

Meanwhile, we encourage donors, and all who truly wish to see a working cure for type 1 in the near term, to explore this site, contact us to learn more, and lend your support.