John D. Golenski, EdD

Executive Director

John Golenski helped found Hanuman Medical Foundation. He has served as an executive for several major nonprofits and is currently CEO of My Dutch Uncle, a San Francisco–based company providing business services to nonprofits. Dr. Golenski has a diverse background in pediatric psychology, clinical services, health policy consulting, and pastoral care. In addition to guiding My Dutch Uncle, he is president of the Health Priorities Group, an interdisciplinary health policy consulting group.

A native of New Bedford, Massachusetts, John earned his EdD in human development at Harvard University. Early in his career he was executive director of the Shanti Project, and chaplain and director of psychological services for the PICU and NICU at Children's Hospital, Oakland. In 1982, he founded PediatriCare, one of the nation’s first pediatric home care hospices. He has also been executive director of the Institute for Ethics & Health Policy, a nonprofit research and policy foundation.

In 1986, John founded the Health Priorities Group, and in that role he has advised community hospitals, university medical centers, hospital systems, armed services hospitals, medical groups, health plans and insurers, large employers, every level of government in the United States, as well as foreign insurers and governments in the areas of healthcare delivery and health policy. From 2004–2009 he returned to the realm of pediatric care as executive director of the George Mark Children’s House, the first residential pediatric end-of-life facility in the United States.

From 1969 to 1995, John was a member of the Society of Jesus and was ordained as a priest of the Roman Catholic Church in 1980 while in the Jesuit Order. More recently he was received as an Episcopal priest and has served as adjunct clergy at St. Gregory of Nyssa Church.