The offices and laboratory of Islet Sheet Medical Company LLC in San Francisco.

Why Support Hanuman Medical Foundation?

“None of the existing type 1 charities allocate their funding in a manner that maximizes their chances for developing a cure by a certain date.”


So says the Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance (JDCA), formed to be "the voice of the donor for a cure."

Hanuman Medical Foundation is different. The research we support has one sole objective: finding a working cure for type 1 diabetes in the shortest possible time frame. We don’t support general or exploratory research. Our staff and overhead are minimal, to say the least. Our board and scientific review committee meet mostly in virtual space. So all our resources go toward the project we’ve identified as having the best chance of success in the short term. 

According to the JDCA, a “practical cure” must, for at least 1 year:

  • Not require blood glucose monitoring beyond once a week
  • Not require carb counting
  • Not restrict a person’s diet
  • Allow the person to sleep care free
  • Keep A1c levels between 6 and 7

We believe the Islet Sheet is the first technology to meet this definition, and we’re happy to demonstrate why.

Small Enterprises, Big Achievements

The Islet Sheet technology was developed at a small and lean medical invention company. The U.S. Small Business Administration has shown that smaller American companies tend to produce the radical inventions that drive growth of both large companies and markets. Says the SBA:  "The market works to assign the search for radical inventions to small enterprises and their subsequent development to large ones.”

We believe that the record of diabetes innovation supports this national pattern: recombinant DNA insulin, the insulin pump, and CGM were all introduced to the market by small companies. So it seems likely that the practical cure will come from a small company and not Lilly (for example).

The Islet Sheet Project doesn’t fit the rigid mold of academic research supported by the big diabetes charities. Hanuman Medical Foundation is currently its sole funder, and if you care about results, we need your support. We urge anyone who has donated to the established type 1 charities—or held back from doing so because of their dismal record of real accomplishments—to contact us.

And if you’re ready, donate now.