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History of Diabetes Research

May 21st, 2009

Yesterday I met with a prominent leader of San Francisco’s Investment Community, and a longtime supporter of T1D research. We were talking about our work to solve diabetes with the Islet Sheet, and naturally the conversation turned to the multiple ventures that have been formed to cure diabetes with encapsulated islets and had attracted speculative investment (including one he and I had been involved with). I said that a big reason no one would invest in our company was the failure of all these companies; and that I have recently added up the total invested and lost, and it was about a third of a trillion dollars. He stared at me for a time and finally said, “that’s a number I’m going to write down.”

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The Edmonton Protocol

May 13th, 2009

Diabetes cured! screamed the press. Few type 1 diabetics can forget the excitement that greeted the Edmonton Protocol’s publication and the surge of hope it engendered in 2000. Although the authors of the paper did little to encourage the hyperbole, it was hailed as a cure. It is not, but it is perhaps the most important milestone to date in the development of islet transplantation.

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