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The Artificial Pancreas: A Hospital Clinical Trial

February 16th, 2010

The Artificial Pancreas is in the News, I think mostly because it has become a high profile cause of the JDRF. The idea is not new. I remember when writing “Prospects in Diabetes Therapy” in 1980 I interviewed Dr. Robert Fischell at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. He was working on an artificial pancreas (then called the ‘closed loop pump’) and predicted it would be ready in five years. Dr. Fischell is credited with inventing the implantable insulin pump, but he could never get the artificial pancreas to work.

Current Research

A Hint of a Breakthrough

February 1st, 2010

Was that a breakthrough? How do we know for sure?

“Medical Breakthrough” gets 1.9 million Google hits. We crave breakthroughs; they are the food of press coverage. The urge to call every step in the right direction a breakthrough is strong, if only because it increases excitement – and the prospect of raising badly needed funds.

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