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Athletic Diabetes

March 14th, 2010

We think famous people are different from us because they are celebrities and we are not. On the web you can easily find long lists of celebrities, living and dead, who suffered from type 1 diabetes. Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers) is famous for this. Interviews with diabetics are becoming a staple of Olympic coverage. When I was diagnosed my mind went to Mary Tyler Moore, the rare celebrity (at the time) who was open about diabetes and taking insulin as part of her life.

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Scott’s Tips for T1D Management

March 1st, 2010

While we wait for the functional cure we have management with injected insulin. I have been managing my own type 1 diabetes for over thirtyyears through many changes in the tools available. I have developed a few rules. So here, especially for my T1D readers, are tips on the things that get me through.

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