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Smart Insulin: As Smart as Islets?

April 28th, 2010

Recently Elizabeth Snouffer published an interview with me at Diabetes24-7. During the discussion after, Elizabeth noted that a number of people liked the Smart Insulin approach, and she asked me to talk about how it compared with the Islet Sheet. Today I feel I was not completely fair to Smart Insulin and wanted to write a bit more.
The idea is attractive: formulate insulin so that the rate of insulin release increases as glucose goes up.
Insulin stores islets in the form of crystals, which contain both the protein insulin and the ion zinc (yes, the same zinc found in mineral supplements that is …..

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Dogs, Pigs and Diabetes

April 12th, 2010

Medicine learned of type 1 diabetes early with the observation of people who seemed to eat food and make honey out of it (diabetes mellitus means “honey passing through”). It was induced in animals for the first time in 1889 when Oskar Minkowski surgically removed the pancreas of a dog. Thus did the dance of knowledge of diabetes in humans and animals begin.

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