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The Cure is Five Years Away (and always will be)

May 23rd, 2010

Newsweek Magazine states on its cover: “Desperately Seeking Cures: Medical research isn’t making progress rapidly enough.” Their key observation is that the academic medical research world is structured with incentives that perversely favor glamourous discoveries, not cures. The article does not cover diabetes research. I decided that today I would apply it to my area of interest, juvenile diabetes. So this is today’s question: Why is there no cure for type 1 diabetes?

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Prevention of Hypoglycemia

May 10th, 2010

On the plane yesterday I felt a tickle in my mind — prickly skin, a feeling of greater alertness, a touch of fear. Could my blood sugar be dropping? A quick check, and I find it is 78. My hypoglycemia awareness kicked in exactly as my blood sugar passed through 80 on the way down. A few M&Ms and the fear went away in a few minutes. If I had not learned about my sugar drop, and done nothing, eventually…….

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