Encapsulated islets invaded by immune cells.

Hanuman Medical Foundation offers the information in this part of our website to research professionals interested in the Islet Sheet Project and related work in the area of implanted islets, and to others who seek more detail.

We believe that the encapsulation technology under development, including the Islet Sheet Project, could be used to deliver biologically useful cells and cellular secretions to cure or ameliorate many human diseases. The foundation welcomes suggestions and inquiries from scientists who wish to undertake such studies. 

Design Criteria for the Islet Sheet

These pages [link to secondary page] describe the primary challenges to developing a successful implantable bioartificial pancreas, and how the Islet Sheet addresses them.

Recent Developments

Read brief summaries of key updates and announcements about the Islet Sheet Project and related research.

Collaborating Researchers

Here you’ll find additional background on some of the Islet Sheet collaborators: Jonathan Lakey, Richard N. Bergman, and Marilyn Ader. Also see Project Team.

Inquire About Funding

Currently Hanuman Medical Foundation is providing funding only to research directly related to the Islet Sheet Project. However, we welcome inquiries from researchers engaged in related work. Please see this page for guidelines. The foundation is open to partnering with academic scientists in our fields of research; see Partnerships.


A selected list of diabetes-related publications compiled and with comments.

Resources for Professionals

An opinionated selection of links to organizations, bloggers, and other online sources of useful or provocative information on the world of type 1 diabetes, slanted toward professionals.

The Sheet

This well-read blog contains commentary and news from the founder of Islet Sheet Medical and guest writers.