An implanted Islet Sheet.

Design Criteria for the Islet Sheet

Islet Sheet Medical set out to make the best possible bioartificial pancreas. In the process, they identified the following essential design objectives. This summary is based on an article by the inventors published in Graft.

  1. Keep islets alive and functioning
    • Material in contact with islets must be biocompatible
    • Fabrication process must not damage islets
    • Dimensions must permit rapid diffusion of nutrients and insulin
  2. Prevent destructive host response
    • Outer surfaces must be totally biocompatible (provoking no fibrotic response)
    • All islets must be completely covered (to prevent immune sensitization)
    • Permeability must be controllable
  3. Ensure practical surgical implantation
    • Islet density must be high (sheet size is not too large)
    • Sheet must be biostable, chemically and physically durable, and retrievable
    • Sheet must be surgically acceptable