Hanuman Medical Foundation welcomes inquiries from researchers working in areas related to thin-sheet encapsulation.


Opportunities exist for researchers, organizations, or investors to partner with Hanuman Medical Foundation or with the for-profit company Islet Sheet Medical LLC.

Hanuman Medical Foundation believes that the encapsulation technology under development, and the Islet Sheet Project, could be used to deliver biologically useful cells and cellular secretions to cure or ameliorate many human diseases. The foundation welcomes suggestions and inquiries from scientists who wish to undertake such studies. We are also interested in hearing from scientists who want to explore encapsulation of their cells in the thin sheet.

The foundation also welcomes inquiries from other organizations or institutions that might wish to join in supporting this work. Contact John D. Golenski, Executive Director.

Islet Sheet Medical is open to partnerships with interested companies working in related fields, or with individual investors. Contact Scott R. King.