Samantha, a young girl with type 1, is featured in the forthcoming documentary film The Human Trial.

Managing Type 1 Diabetes

Like it or not, living with type 1 diabetes is demanding. It complicates life in ways that nearly everyone would just as soon not have to deal with. This feeds the sense of urgency about finding a cure—and our determination to make rapid progress on the Islet Sheet. While this therapy may not fulfill everyone’s ideal of a cure, it can potentially eliminate the need for external insulin and frequent blood-glucose monitoring.

Meanwhile, we urge all those with type 1, or those who care for children with the disease, to seek the best possible information about current treatments and self-care options. And to make this a never-ending pursuit. Living with type 1 is a lifelong exercise in mastery—like playing an instrument or practicing yoga. Perfection always remains out of reach—not because we lack skill or commitment but because it’s not yet possible to reproduce normal metabolism. We can, though, find satisfaction in making our best effort every day. Making that effort also brings the tangible result of feeling our best, capable of going for everything we want from life.

A vast trove of diabetes education and self-care information is available online. This site will not attempt to do more than provide an overview of basic principles and practices, from the viewpoint of Hanuman Medical Foundation and its colleagues. If you have T1D, you’ll need much more. Most important is to put together your own medical team and support system, and know when to turn to those human resources.

Meanwhile, these pages may be a useful introduction to managing type 1, or perhaps a new way to look at a familiar subject. Please read on!


  • Life with type 1 is complicated and demanding, as anyone with the disease knows. 
  • Self-education—for those with type 1 or parents of type 1 children—should be a continual process. The rewards are real.
  • This website offers an overview of current management wisdom, but we suggest exploring widely and especially working with a good medical team.