Watch a clip from The Human Trial of Scott King describing how he was diagnosed with type 1.

Read a report at Diabetes Mine about filmmaker Lisa Hepner and her documentary film The Human Trial, which investigates new research on type 1 diabetes and features the Islet Sheet Project.

The Human Trial – A Documentary About Type 1, Scott King, and the Islet Sheet

The award-winning film production company Vox Pop is making a feature documentary called The Human Trial (formerly Patient 13), inspired by Scott King’s decades-long quest to cure type 1 diabetes—and thus to cure himself.

The film follows Scott—medical entrepreneur and founder of Islet Sheet Medical—at the climax of this journey, as he and his fellow researchers and inventors embark on the critical large-animal trials that will determine whether the Islet Sheet can restore normal metabolism in humans. If it does, people with type 1 could be freed from dependence on injected insulin.

The Human Trial also spends time with a delightful young type 1 patient named Sam, age 7, and her parents, who desperately hope there will be a cure before she grows up. “We wanted to show that insulin isn’t a cure,” says Vox Pop cofounder Lisa Hepner (who also has type 1).“It’s life support.”


Follow the making of The Human Trial and support the film (The producer, Tenth Muse Films, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.)

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Samantha, the young patient profiled in The Human Trial.